Availability of Personalised Timetables

Where available personalised timetables become available in the week prior to the academic year starting for 2021, this is week commencing 27th September . You can see the classes you are allocated against if you have personalised timetables on your programme. The list of courses that do not have personalised timetables are shown on in the second FAQ.

Personalised Timetables are produced and updated throughout the week, so please check as the week progresses – you must also be fully registered and enrolled to see them.

If there are any issues with your timetable, you should contact your Programme Leader in the first instance who can look into it.

Overall programme timetables (or Webtimetables) can be found by following this link - University timetables, this will show you information at a programme module or student set (if you know your group) level – this is available to ALL Students.

More information on your timetable, and how it works will be provided to you during welcome week or during your induction when you meet your programme team.

Areas where personalised timetables are not available

Schools / Areas not subject or only partly covered by Personal Timetabling

  • NAH/PHI (Nursing and Public Health) – personalised timetables are not available but students can look at the University timetables and select their student set
  • EDN/SLN (Education – please refer to academic contacts for timetable information and how personalised timetables work)
  • LSA – Personal Timetables will operate on a limited basis but please seek guidance within the school on how personalised timetables work
  • MME (Nautical Science) – Certificate HE / Diploma HE Nautical Science will not have a personal timetable / MME Students on 4106 Mech and 5107 Mech only and will need to refer to Canvas for group info.

SCS (Science)

Sports Science

Level 3 Foundation is not available on personalised timetables – please see your Programme / Academic Leads for details

For other levels of Sports Science you should also refer to your programme or academic lead – you will be able to see whole programme sessions (i.e. lectures) but you will need to find your group details from your teaching team

School of Natural Sciences

  • BSH. Animal Behaviour NQ3, NQ4, NQ5, NQ6
  • BSH. Biology NQ3, NQ4, NQ5, NQ6
  • BSH. Forensic Anthropology NQ3, NQ4, NQ5, NQ6
  • BSH. Wildlife Conservation NQ3, NQ4, NQ5, NQ6
  • BSH. Geography NQ3
  • BSH. Psychology NQ3
  • BSH. Zoology NQ3, NQ4, NQ5, NQ6

Please see your Programme / Academic Leads for details

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Science

  • BSH. Pharmaceutical Science NQ3 (Foundation)
  • BSH. Biochemistry NQ3 (Foundation)
  • BSH. Chemistry NQ3 (Foundation)
  • BSH. Biomedical Science NQ3 (Foundation)
  • BSH. Forensic Science NQ3 (Foundation)
  • MPH. Pharmacy NQ4, NQ5, NQ6, NQ7
  • MS. Clinical Pharmacy for Primary and Interface Care NQ7
  • MS. Clinical Pharmacy for Secondary and Tertiary Care NQ7

Please see your School for details – Timetables are provided via the School

Trouble signing in to My Timetable

You require a valid LJMU account to sign in to view your personal timetable. My Timetable uses Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for authentication. Signing in to My Timetable will require your username: username@ljmu.ac.uk and your password.

If you are able to sign in to other ADFS authenticated services such as Office 365 and Canvas and not My Timetable, please contact us here.

If you do not have a LJMU username, you are unsure of the password, or it has expired, please use the My Account pages to activate you account or reset your password.

You also need to have either enrolled or completed on line registration.

What are Personalised Student Timetables?

Where programme and modules allow, students will be able to access personalised timetable giving them access to their teaching sessions in calendar form. This will be updated and students can download this to calendars such as Google or Outlook. If sessions change, timetables will also be updated. A link to the personalised timetable system is here, and is matched against student’s own personal details.

If you cannot see or access your personalised timetable, please consult the other FAQs listed here for further information.

How do I download my timetable into my e-calendar (Outlook)

In the navigation bar click the (download icon), this will expand the download options. To import your timetable in to your outlook calendar, click the 'Outlook Sync' button.

A prompt may appear to ask which application you would like to use, select Outlook. Alternatively Outlook should open.

A second prompt should then appear in outlook. This asks if you would like to subscribe to update. Clicking 'Yes' will allow regular checks for updates to your timetable, this will allow your imported timetable to stay upto date. Clicking 'No' will do a one time import of your current timetable and any future changes will not appear. This may lead to your timetable becoming out of date.

There are teaching activities missing from my timetable, e.g. lectures, practicals, seminars

Personalised Timetables will only show teaching sessions that you are allocated to, if you feel you should be allocated to more sessions you should inform your Module or Programme Leader who can inform the Timetabling Team.

There are no teaching activities shown on my timetable

Personalised Timetables will only show teaching sessions that you are allocated to, if you feel you should be allocated to more sessions you should inform your Module or Programme Leader who can inform the Timetabling Team. Also please check you are enrolled or have completed online registation.

There are room numbers missing or my room details appear incorrect

If this is the case, then you should contact your Module or Programme Leader and alert them immediately.

I want to change groups

It may be possible to change groups if you are on a course with teaching organised into groups which run at different times for the same activity. In order to make a change the following conditions must be met:

  1. There is a valid reason for the change
  2. There is space for you in your preferred group
  3. The change must be permanent
  4. You have been given permission by the module leader

You should then complete the change request form here and the Timetabling Team will process your request if permission is in place. You will be notified of receipt via email, and when the change request is complete it will be confirmed by an email and will also appear on your personalised timetable.

I want to change a Module / Course / Programme

You cannot do this via the timetabling process.

This process is just to change groups within your existing module or programme.

If you need to discuss any other changes to your module or programme then please do contact your Programme Leader and/or personal tutor who will be able to give you advice. The deadline for any changes to option modules needs to be complete by the end of Teaching Week 2 – please also consult the Academic Calendar.